Information Technology

Scrum Master

Johannesburg, Gauteng   |   Contract
  • Guide the teams towards improving their way of work.
  • Facilitate Scrum events & ensure that they are focused and productive (Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Planning, Sprint Reviews, Retrospectives and Backlog Grooming).
  • Help facilitate Product Planning Workshops and Release Planning Sessions.
  • Assist the Product Owner in prioritisation and scheduling of work, to meet delivery time frames.
  • Ensure backlog is in good standing by having regular backlog grooming sessions.
  • Ensure that all the team members understand their role and fulfil them to the best of their ability.
  • Guide/coach/mentor the development team to take on the responsibilities of the process and ownership of the product – lead the team to a self-organised state.
  • Build a high performing team, focusing on improving team dynamics and performance, help the team manage interpersonal conflicts, challenges and opportunities for growth.
  • Protect the team from interruptions and distractions to maximize productivity and create the flow of work.
  • Identify and facilitate the resolution of identified impediments.
  • Help the team make achievable sprint commitments with the use of velocity data and team availability.
  • Help the team members communicate, coordinate, and meet their delivery goals.
  • Ensure the team/stakeholders adhere to Definition of Ready (DoR) / Definition of Done (DoD).
  • Highlight risks and dysfunctions where the DoR / DoD is not met.
  • Ensure the team uses the standardized reference story for estimating.
  • Ensure understanding of the Agile principles and Scrum process, across teams and stakeholders.
  • Ensure adherence to the Agile principles and Scrum process and help resolve any deviations.
  • Raise issues that are putting delivery at risk as soon as they arise.
  • Help facilitate delivery solutions and manage expectations.
  • Responsible to produce the following artifacts (Weekly Sprint Reports, Release projection / Burndown) to create visibility and transparency of the progress and status of the systems delivery.
  • Continually grow and share Agile knowledge.

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